Thursday, 19 April 2012

Doll cloth nappy tutorial

This morning I had to put Little Miss' doll outfit in the washing machine. When she realised her "baby" was sort of naked, she kept on saying "baby nappy! baby nappy!", meaning "baby doesn't have a nappy!" (motherly understanding of obscure toddler language). So I thought: OK, let's make a miniature cloth nappy for the baby!

It was really quick and easy (in spite of Little Miss demanding to sit on my lap while I was sewing it...there is so much I can do when she is awake!), so let me share it with you in 10 easy steps.

***August 2013 update! You may want to check my updated version of the tutorial here before you start, and then decide which version suits you the most***

  • Old small bath towel
  • Cotton fabric
  • A 3cm stripe of Velcro
  • a doll / teddy to put it on (please note: Little Miss' doll is long 26 cm head to toe and has a 22 cm waistline, if your doll / teddy is bigger / smaller you'll need to scale the measurements given to suit)

Step 1:

Draw on the towel the shape in the picture, using the measures given. I've used a pair of little doll's knickers to base my measurements on.

Step 2:

Fold the towel in two as illustrated and cut the shape drawn through the layers .

Step 3:

Shorten the flaps on one side only, cutting off 3.5cm from each flap.

Step 4:

Place the towel nappy on the wrong side of the cotton fabric, and cut the fabric all around following the towel shape and allowing 2 cm for the seam .

Step 5:

Reduce the seam bulk by cutting a few notches in the curve. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6:
Press the seam and stitch along the curve and all around the fabric cotton shape to make a 1 cm seam.

Step 7:
Pin the towel shape to the cotton fabric, fold the cotton fabric's seam on the towel shape and stitch them together.

Step 8:
Cut the Velcro stripe in half. Separate the Velcro and stitch a piece of rough side of the Velcro to each of the long flaps as illustrated.

Step 9:
Stitch the smooth part of the Velcro to the right side of the nappy as illustrated. Cut the corners of the Velcro as they may be a little too sharp.

Step 10:

 Lay the doll on the open nappy, towel face up, with the long flaps behind the doll's back. Secure the nappy to the doll with the Velcro.
I'm quite proud on how the nappy has a perfect bum fit!

That's it! When I presented Little Miss with the nappy and asked her: "Do you like it?", she was so happy and screamed: "Ti piace!" which is translated literally: "You like it!". Well, we get the meaning...


  1. We use newborn Pampers but they are still very big - I love these! is the doll wearing lipstick?

  2. Will make one for Meli then! advanced birthday present? The doll is NOT wearing lipstick, that's only your obsession for lipstick coming back to hunt you :-)