Monday, 16 April 2012

Did you miss me? I was making a new puppy cot mobile...

I have been incredibly busy making stuff, of late. Which is good, as it makes me feel purposeful. Although that means also not much blogging, and a tiny bit of stress - remember? full time job, toddler, husband, etc.
In particular, I spent a considerable amount of time sewing a new puppy cot mobile for a friend's newborn goddaughter. I'm also in the process of making a coordinated height chart, which will hopefully be ready this week - I say hopefully because I've been hopeless in estimating timing for this project... I thought it would have been another 'nice 'n' easy' one, but since I've sewn most of it by hand, it has obviously taken me soooo long! But I was determined not to make the same mistake I made before by sewing everything by machine and losing a bit of that 'handmade' touch.
Remember my bird cot mobile? Well, I wanted the same low-tech system and retro feeling.
My friend's brief read simply: "Cute puppies and lots of warm colours, please", so I imagined a bunch of doggies playing in the park, and I started doodling what I wanted to recreate.

The puppy mobile and height chart project on paper
For the central piece, around which my puppies happily play, I have chosen to use the tree template published by Homemade by Jill because my last one was only "inspired" by it and ended up twisting a bit.
I have also chosen to use felt again (I can't get enough of the stuff!), as it is really easy to use and sew (no hems, hurrah!!!), beside giving an immediate playful and warm feeling.
About a month, and a thousand blanket stitches later (give or take), this is the result.

The height chart is coming along nicely, so stay tuned...

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