Thursday, 22 March 2012

A simple present...girly personalised cushion

I remember holding little M (the daughter of a good friend) on my lap, three years ago for the first time...she was 5 days old, impossibly small and fragile, so full of beauty and calm...that little baby is long gone, in fact her third birthday will be celebrated this Saturday. So I decided to offer her a simple cushion, handmade with her initial, to hug and sleep on and hopefully to keep until when she'll be a beautiful woman.
I started with some cute Winnie the Pooh fabric, and although in principle I'm against the unstoppable pink invasion that is now hitting any toy and piece of clothing available for toddler girls, it is undeniable that, actually, toddler girls seem to really love pink! So I have chosen a rich pink shade of felt to cut out her initial from. 

To add a little "something" - and to balance the pink!- I have also cut a small yellow and orange flower and decided to sew both the letter and flower by hand on the cotton fabric (I'm becoming obsessed with blanket stitch! Get ready, blanket stitch features in my next project too...).

Finally, I have sewn the cushion, which is a simple envelope (you can find good tutorials on You Tube), by machine.
(By the way, I'm incredibly proud of myself, not for the careful hand-stitching, but for the fact that FINALLY! I have serviced my sewing machine for the occasion, by changing the needle and putting some oil in the mechanical parts...I felt like a proper mechanic! Now "she" goes like the wind!!!)

Happy birthday little M! x


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