Sunday, 13 January 2013

The "while she sleeps" headscarf

These days I seem not to have much time or energy at all, for anything that is not working, cooking or spending a little time with my family. I noticed with horror that my sewing machine has a greyish layer of dust on it (for that matter, my whole house has a greyish layer of dust - hahaha - no time / energy for cleaning either!). It must be the depth of winter, and I hope I'll de-hibernate soon...

So the only projects I have the strength to see until the end at the moment are those quick 'n' easy you can do in an evening, or "while she sleeps". It's been ages since I sewed something in "instalments".

The reason for sewing this headscarf the other night was because my little monkey has a head full of hair, and I mean FULL...she was born with lots of it, her hair grows fast and somehow is always in front of her eyes. And I *love* that boho look a headscarf gives her. Of all the tutorials I could find on the Internet, the headscarf tutorial by Ivy Designs seems to be the clearest, with precise instruction, a range of sizes to choose from, full of nice step-by-step pictures and, last but not least, free...(you can find the tutorial following the link here.)

I think the final result looks quite professional (thanks to the great tut) and it only took me a couple of hours - I'm not the fastest, admittedly...especially since I haven't made friends with my rotary cutter yet, it still frightens me, so I go extra slowly when I have that one in my hands.

The funniest part was taking the pictures. Little monkey is two and a half, do you think she could pose for me nice and still? No, of course. I could only convince her to be still encouraging her to look at the sole of her foot... :) and this is the result:


Nice and simple! This is all we want! And oh...happy new year to you all! X


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