Sunday, 2 September 2012

A quilted bed for dolly

Last weekend has been incredibly productive for me. Three projects in three days (thanks GB for the the August bank holiday!) and, obviously, none of them is something I had to do, but more like something I wanted to do...
Last week, my Little Miss was cuddling three toys (her favourites these days are a little baby doll, a rug doll we found in a car boot sale which somehow she named Luisa, and a little red plastic fish that has now lost an eye in battle). She was then trying to put them to bed covering them with a little towel.
Mmmm...I thought, dolly really needs a proper bed!
So off I went making this:
My first EVER attempt at quilting. I have been researching on quilting techniques for a while now, as I have in mind a new project which implies quilting. So, this has been a tiny practice before going much bigger. Not perfect, but hopefully dolly can see the love in it!

I have decided to make the quilt free style. The fabric has been chosen by my little one. I have sewn the quilt to the bottom of the padded bed just to make using it easier for her little hands, and also not to lose pieces only to find them under the sofa in a few months time. For the same reason, I have applied Velcro to the back of the pillow (made from an old pair of leggings).

The back of dolly's bed
So, what do you reckon?
Worth spending a few hours of your weekend making?  Would you buy it if you saw it in a shop???
I would love to hear what you think of it!
Have a lovely first week of September!

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