Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day! Card and present for under a fiver

I know it's a bit late for Father's Day suggestions, but perhaps you can pin these ideas for next year, or use them for some other family celebration.

Among the hundreds (not quite so many in reality, but it feels like it!) of things handmade by me in the last few weeks, I remembered Father's Day was coming up, on Pinterest I came across this cute card by A Day in My Life, and decided this was perfect for the occasion.
This is my version, made by drawing the profile of Little Monkey's hand on the cardboard from a Marks and Spencer's cake box, cutting out the hand shape twice and decorating it with a simple hand-written message ("I love you daddy...this much!" in Italian); my little one decorated it in her own way inside:

I think it will be super-cute when, in many years time, my husband looks at these little hands and thinks of how small our Little Monkey was...

I also made a cheap and cheerful present for him, which will remind him of the nice days he and Little Monkey spent together when she was this little: DIY Fridge Magnets.

a couple of drawings of Little Monkey which are now fridge magnets!


This is how I did it:

1. First I chose some nice pictures of the two of them together, some of her, and some pictures of her drawings;

2. Then I re-sized the pictures and arranged them snugly on a A4-size page using Photoshop - but you could use Word or PowerPoint;

3. I printed them out on normal A4 paper;

4. I laminated them (I admit, I used the work's laminator for this...); you don't have to do this, as you could print them directly on magnetic photo paper, but I did it because this way they are water-proof, which comes handy since the fridge where they will be stuck on is just next to the kitchen sink!

5. I glued them on magnetic photo paper (£1 for two sheets at the Pound Shop);

6. Finally, I cut the pictures out with ordinary scissors and...ta-dah! Fridge magnets for daddy at a very affordable price!

Happy Father's day everyone!

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