Sunday, 12 February 2012

Two in a day...Mei Tai baby carrier

Don't get too excited, my dear (one) follower, this isn't going to happen very often, but obviously today I'm very excited about my glorious brand new blogger career, so I decided to post another little project of mine.
Also, after the huge effort of the playhouse, don't expect me to post about a sugar paste life size cathedral, or something, it ain't gonna happen.

This is a short and sweet little project I undertook a few months ago, just before a trip to France - way too close to the day we had to leave, in fact; to my husband's delight, at 2 o'clock in the morning the day before the trip, I involved even him to try and finish this in time!
I wanted an easy, light way to carry around my baby daughter, who proverbially hates her very expensive Mamas and Papas pushchair; I also wanted something that wouldn't cost me a fortune. She was then already a 20 pound baby, so "sturdy" was also on the priority list. Since when she was born, I carried her most of the times (no wonder she hates her pushchair!) in a Kari Me: really great, flexible baby carrier for new borns which, unfortunately, started becoming looser with the increasing weight of little monkey. I definitely needed something heavier duty.
So, I looked and looked and read hundreds of reviews - I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to buying something on the Internet, I need to read lots of reviews until I'm convinced to buy/make something.
A Mei Tai, a traditional, Asian-inspired baby carrier, seemed to be what I was looking for. You'll find on the Internet lots of colourful examples, with the main panel made of beautiful and stylish fabrics.
I wanted something simpler, cheap and, frankly, I only had two days to make it so...again a trip to my friendly local street market to choose the right fabric, and lots of it (you need about 4 yards of bottom weight (9-10 oz) fabric, e.g. canvas, twill, corduroy, or denim); back home, I found a great tutorial on La Casa nella Prateria, a blog by Claudia, a fellow Italian, emigrated like me (thanks to her for the clear instructions and pics and a pattern in English to print and cut , which you can find here), and I was set to make my very own baby carrier.
The tree-hugger in me exulted!
Excuse the state of my hair, but we were on a ferry to Calais
It was done in a couple of evenings - well, only thanks to my other half, who managed to get my broken sewing machine to work by using masculine strength...I still use the Mei Tai, now that Little Miss is almost two, I can wear it on my front or on my back, it's the most comfortable thing ever, and she loves it too!
I even used it to do a 4 mile walk last summer...!
On a mother/sleeping baby 4 mile walk in Suffolk

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